Sentence Examples with the word conciliate

Parnell had to conciliate the Clan-na-Gael and the Fenians generally, both in Ireland and America, while abstaining from action which would make his parliamentary position untenable.

To conciliate the new king the act of Seclusion was repealed, and the ever, suffered a defeat at Seneff, and was in 1674 prevented from invading France.

Broached in 1692 this matter was brought up again in 1698 when the emperor and his ministers, faced with the prospect of a fight over the Spanish succession, were anxious to conciliate Brandenburg.

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Before the combination of Clericals and Federalists the ministry broke down; they were divided among themselves; Counts Taaffe and Alfred Potocki, the minister of agriculture, wished to conciliate the Slav races - a policy recommended 1 The documents are printed in Baron de Worms, op. cit.

By heading off reactionary Austria Napoleon hoped to conciliate the French Liberals; by helping the pope, to satisfy the Catholics; by concessions to be wrung both from Pius and from the Roman triumvirs, to achieve a bloodless victory.

In 1879 a bill was passed for the secularization of primary education; but an attempt was made to conciliate the clergy by Art.

To conciliate the Brazilians, he undertook (by.

Pere de la Chaise supported the royal prerogative, though he used his influence at Rome to conciliate the papal authorities.

As to foreign relations, he received embassies from Europe and a deputation from the French East India Company; he sought to conciliate the Uzbegs by treating their refugee chiefs with unusual honor and sumptuous hospitality; he kept on good terms with Turkey; he forgave the hostility of a Georgian prince when brought to him a captive; and he was tolerant to all religionsalways regarding Christians with especial favor.

He apparently tried to conciliate his father-in-law in the hope of bringing him into the League of Augsburg.