Sentence Examples with the word concern

It was the main concern of the national agency on alcohol misuse.

He flung off clothing soaked with blood, stripping with his back to her without one concern about her watching.

In her concern for his safety, she hadn't showered or changed clothes - or even combed her hair.

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This power has been largely acted upon throughout England, and the courts of law have on several occasions decided that such by-laws should be benevolently interpreted, and that in matters which directly arise and concern the people of the county, who have the right to choose those whom they think best fitted to represent them, such representatives may be trusted to understand their own requirements.

Thus in the chapterhouse of a monastery there constantly took place acts of discipline that depended on the theory that the sin of the individual is the concern of the society; open confession was made, open penance exacted.

The company formed to execute his project became simply an agricultural concern and by the sinking of artesian wells created an oasis of olive and palm trees.

They were met by the criticism that possibly such a development had taken place; but, as no one could show as a simple fact of observation that it had taken place, nor as a result of legitimate inference that it must have taken place, it was quite as likely that the past and present species of animals and plants had been separately created or individually brought into existence by unknown and inscrutable causes, and (it was held) the truly scientific man would refuse to occupy himself with such fancies, whilst ever continuing to concern himself with the observation and record of indisputable facts.

I savored it, but my concern for Howie remained.

But he wasn't her concern tonight.

It was hard to say whether Alex was withholding facts so she couldn't contest his decisions or it simply didn't concern her.