Sentence Examples with the word concept

As regards the existence (if we may so speak) of the universal in mente, Occam indicates his preference, on the ground of simplicity, for the view which identifies the concept with the actus intelligendi, rather than for that which treats ideas as distinct entities within the mind.

To him, it was no different than artificially inseminating a cow at his clinic... well, the concept wasn't.

The whole concept is ridiculous.

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The sum of being consists of the two systems of substantial forms and interactional relations, and it reappears in the form of concept and judgment, the concept representing being and the judgment being in action.

We inculcate the concept of scarcity at a young age, at birthday parties no less.

We find Philo Judaeus endeavouring to free the concept of the Old Testament Yahweh from anthropomorphic characteristics and finite determinations.

Like Carmen, their concept of friendship was two-way, with more focus on giving than receiving.

The concept of human dignity asserts that some things simply should not be done to a human, no matter the circumstances.

When the mind, beginning with isolated individuals, groups them together in virtue of perceived resemblances and arrives at a unity in plurality, the process by which attention is diverted from individuals and concentrated on a single inclusive concept (i.e.

The unit for logic is the concept taken for granted.