Sentence Examples with the word concentrate on

Rapidly renouncing his previous intentions, he issued orders to concentrate on Allenstein; but this point was chosen too far in advance and he was anticipated by Murat and Soult at that place on the 2nd of February.

He knew with the Dawkinses about to leave and with the Lucky Pup Mine controversy settled, he'd better concentrate on finding an answer to the body Martha discovered before any chance to do so was gone for good.

Perhaps he's so upset over Martha's leaving that he can't concentrate on anything else.

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Dean was content to let them chat and concentrate on his driving.

She shook her head to clear her anger and sat with her back to the counter, forcing herself to concentrate on the shadow world and tapping into Rhyn.s power despite the sounds of demons fighting so near the kitchen.

I suggest we concentrate on you feeling better before trying to figure this out.

Connecticut and Rhode Island were ruled out and we began to concentrate on New Hampshire.

I tried to blank his horrible killings from my mind and concentrate on how I should react to him.

Tammy was watching a children's show on television and Lisa was on the couch, trying to concentrate on her writing.

Better to have him concentrate on Fitzgerald, who was beginning to look more and more like a candidate, not only for sheriff, but for some nefarious activities.