Sentence Examples with the word conceivable

Had Wagner been a man of more urbane literary intellect he might have been less ambitious of expressing a world-philosophy in music-drama; and it is just conceivable that the result might have been a less intermittent dramatic movement in his later works, and a balance of ethical ideas at once more subtle and more orthodox.

That this is so is indicated by the fact that, although the railways - always made to suffer severely in pecuniary damages for injuries for which their officers or servants are held responsible by the courts - have for years taken almost every conceivable precaution, the number of accidents, in proportion to the number of persons travelling, diminishes but slowly - so slowly that, in view of the variety of conditions to be considered, it would hardly be safe to conclude that the diminution is due to any definite improvement in the safeguards provided.

Philaret was kept in the strictest confinement in the Antoniev monastery, where he was exposed to every conceivable indignity; but when the pseudo-Demetrius overthrew the Godunovs he released Philaret and made him metropolitan of Rostov (1605).

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Robert assumed the style of Clement VII.; and thus Christendom was brought face to face with the worst misfortune conceivable - the Great Schism (1378-1417).

The list of Varro's writings includes over seventy treatises and more than six hundred books dealing with topics of every conceivable kind.

The tone of the assembly being violently Zapolya anti-German, and John being the only conceivable elected national candidate, his election was a matter of course; King.

Met by this difficulty historians of that class devise some most obscure, impalpable, and general abstraction which can cover all conceivable occurrences, and declare this abstraction to be the aim of humanity's movement.

It is also conceivable that bodies might gravitate differently at different temperatures.

Even in such work, where it would be thought that masses of burnt clay would be the cheapest conceivable material, concrete is at least on level terms with its rival.

The blood of most species behaves differentially towards precipitants, and it is therefore conceivable that when blood is used as food and is elaborated into special compounds for the nutrition of the reproductive organs of a parasite, these specific or larger differences in the blood of animal hosts may prevent the ripening of the gonads of a widely diffused parasite and only one particular kind of blood prove suitable.