Sentence Examples with the word conceded

In 1907 also negotiations were opened with Great Britain, the objects of which were to modify the extra-territorial rights conceded to that power by the treaty of 1855, and to remove various restrictions regarding taxation and general administration, which, though diminished from time to time by agreement, still continued to hamper the government very much.

IIi granting any fresh liberties but those already conceded (e.g.

The government finally conceded to the prisoners' demands.

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Lamarck practically conceded the objective existence of species in arguing that they might be modified by external conditions, and G.

Yet a third improvement was permission conceded to prisoners locked up in default of payment of fine, to obtain a reduction of time proportionate to part payment of the fine.

Io, 1664) to obtain terms which should only have been conceded to a conqueror.

In addition, they formed a source of revenue and power for their founders, who on their part conceded liberal charters to the new towns.

Agreements were also concluded by which a share of the goods owned by Germany was conceded to Austria.

In spite of these difficulties it must be conceded that the dorsal flexure of the alimentary canal of the Pterobranchia is very Phoronis-like.

The other team conceded in four games.