Sentence Examples with the word computing

By constructing several partial polygons, and computing the relations between the loads and resistances which are determined by the application of that theorem to each of them, with the aid, if necessary, of Moseleys principle of the least resistance, the whole of the relations amongst the loads and resistances may be found.

The difference between them and the Roman Church, at this period, was that they still followed the 84 years' cycle in computing Easter, which had been abandoned at Rome for the more accurate cycle of 532 years.

The practical methods of computing perturbations of the planets and satellites were first exhaustively developed by Pierre Simon Laplace in his Mecanique celeste.

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Six logarithms omitted in Schulze's work, and which Wolfram had been prevented from computing by a serious illness, were published subsequently, and the table as given by Vega is complete.

Distributed computing makes enormous computational problems affordable to solve.

The longitudes, latitudes and radii vectores of a planet, being algebraically expressed as the sum of an infinite periodic series of the kind we have been describing, it follows that the problem of finding their co-ordinates at any moment is solved by computing these expressions.

Sundays and public holidays are usually excluded in computing time if they are the last day within which the act was to be done.

It follows that, if we go on computing the elements a, b, c, d from the actual values of x, y, x' and y', at each moment when the planet is subject to the attraction of another body, they will no longer be invariable, but will slowly vary from day to day and year to year.

Political and ecclesiastical dissensions occupied the greatest intellects, and the only progress to be recorded is in the art of computing or arithmetic, and the trans pons asinorum of the earlier mathematicians.

In mercantile contracts in computing the period of a month the day from which the time is to begin to run is excluded, but in sentences of imprisonment the day on which the sentence begins is included, so that the numerically corresponding day in the month in which the sentence expires would be excluded.