Sentence Examples with the word computer

I went back to my computer to retrieve a phone number, then on to the secure phone line.

All she had to do was choose the color she wanted to wear-- black for the past several days in silent objection to her presence aboard the ship-- and the ship's computer wove it for her.

The computer reveals that redheads go to the ER more often and break bones more often.

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She flipped on her computer and tossed her shoes next to the couch.

Like Fred, Westlake too had callused fingertips from pounding computer keys.

I haven't been near a computer since before I left.

She maintained her files on an old computer used exclusively for word processing.

Sofi left him alone in the study, and he sat down at Damian's computer to send the info the real estate agent needed to rent him the cabin.

Someday the computer program will lose its job, although I don't know to what.

So I saw, in real dollars, the cost of computer memory fall to one one-millionth of what it was thirty years ago.