Sentence Examples with the word compute

When the length of a meteor's: course is known and the duration of its flight has been correctly estimated it is easy to compute the velocity in miles.

If, with the changed velocity we again compute the elements they will be different from the former elements.

We compute the maximum amount of food the world can produce by beginning with total acres of land considered arable, but that is based on assumptions about the future of technology and agriculture.

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The Parsees compute time from the fall of Yazdegerd.

As An Example, Suppose It Were Required To Compute Easter For The Year 1840.

The third law enables us to compute the time taken by the radius vector to sweep over the entire area of the orbit, which is identical with the time of revolution.

But when definitive results as to the orbits are required, it is necessary to compute the perturbations produced by such of the major planets as have affected the motions of the body.

This, and the inclination of the orbit being given, we have all the geometrical data necessary to compute the coordinates of the planet itself.

They not only indicate the height of the land, but also enable us to compute the declivity of the mountain slopes; and if minor features of ground lying between two contours - such as ravines, as also rocky precipices and glaciers - are indicated, as is done on the Siegfried atlas of Switzerland, they fully meet the requirements of the scientific man, the engineer and the mountain-climber.

Choose a very cheap scale on which to compute the price of a ticket.