Sentence Examples with the word compulsory

The anthers are so situated that the pollen on escaping comes into contact with the stigma; in such flowers self-fertilization is compulsory and very effectual, as seeds in profusion are produced.

Primary education is free and secular, and is compulsory for children of 6 to 14 years.

In 1889 the state recognized private denominational schools, and in 1900 passed a law of compulsory attendance.

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The sick benefit societies, f The system of compulsory registration, which involves a notification to the police of any change of address (even temporary), of course makes it easy to determine the domicile in any aiven case.

If educated at home, the child (after two years of the compulsory period has expired) must undergo a yearly examination, and if it is unsatisfactory the parents will be compelled to send him to a public or private school.

Military training is compulsory on all lads over ten attending government schools.

He was a captain in the 2nd regiment of Prussian Dragoon Guards when he was elected domn or prince of Rumania on the 10th of April 1866, after the compulsory abdication of Prince Alexander John Cuza.

In the counties there is a board of education and there is also a local school committee of three in each township. The compulsory attendance at school of children between the ages of eight and fourteen for sixteen weeks each year by a state law is optional with each county.

Other proposals were: the maintenance of the system of the joint army as established in 1867, but with the concession that all Hungarian recruits were to receive their education in Magyar; the maintenance till 1917 of the actual customs convention with Austria; a reform of the land laws, with a view to assisting the poorer proprietors; complete religious equality; universal and compulsory primary education.

The industry is conducted upon a basis of recognized standards of quality, and testing is necessary in the interests of both refiner and consumer, as well as compulsory in connexion with the various statutory and municipal regulations.