Sentence Examples with the word compressibility

Their table of comparison published in 1906 shows the following agreement: - It seems likely that measurements of vapour pressure and compressibility may eventually enable us to determine accurately osmotic pressures in cases where direct measurement is impossible.

Soc., 1895) has obtained the following results, which have been adopted in legislative enactments in the United Kingdom: -- In this no account is taken of the compressibility of water -- that is to say, it is supposed that the water is under a pressure of one atmosphere.

In view of the extremely slight compressibility of liquids, atmospheric pressure may be regarded as a coincident condition; also C. M.

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His chief contribution to physics lay in the experiments by which he proved the compressibility of water and measured it by a piezometer of his own invention (see Phil.

The compressibility of sea-water is not yet fully investigated.

This determination involves a knowledge of the density and of the compressibility of the solution; the latter property is difficult to measure accurately.