Sentence Examples with the word compounded

It was compounded by More (q.v.) from the Greek ob, not, and 7-inros, a place, meaning therefore a place which has no real existence, an imaginary country.

The famous document, known as the Constitutum Constantini and compounded of various elements (notably the apocryphal Vita S.

This being the case, the various possible motions of a rigid solid body may all be classed under the following heads: (I) Shifting or Translation; (2) Turning or Rotation; (3) Motions compounded of Shifting and Turning.

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That the figures symbolic of Rakab or Hadad were compounded or amalgamated by the Israelites with those symbolic of Nergal (the lion-god) and Ninib (the eagle-god), is not surprising.

Temporary cement for lathe-work, such as the polishing and grinding of jewelry and optical glasses, is compounded thus: - rosin, 4 oz.; whitening previously made redhot, 4 oz.; wax, 4 oz.

The name Jerusalem may be compounded the main line of intercourse and one may look for a certain conservatism in its famous Temple.

In Ceylon, and to some extent in India, the careful and systematic application of chemical manures, compounded on scientific lines, has been found to increase largely the yield of leaf, and much interplanting of nitrogen-producing growths has been done with a view to restoring to the soil the most necessary constituents.

There remain, however, some cases in which it is highly probable that names of nonIsraelites are really compounded with Yahweh.

The Phoenician settlers at the Peiraeus worshipped the Assyrian Nergal, and their proper names are compounded with the names of Babylonian and Arabian deities (NSI.

The towns in general were not subject to it, at least directly; some had been exempt from time immemorial, others (redimees) had purchased exemption for a sum of money, yet others (abonnees) had compounded for the tax, i.e.