Sentence Examples with the word composite

Robust composite herbs with striking foliage, for the back of herbaceous or shrubbery borders.

If the invariants and covariants of this composite quantic be formed we obtain functions of X such that the coefficients of the various powers of X are simultaneous invariants of f and 4).

Such composite structures take advantage at once of the high tensile strength of iron and of the high compressive strength of cement mortar.

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The world is a scene of corruption, its evils are irremediable, its end is nigh, and the advent of the new and spiritual world at hand The first to draw attention to the composite elements in this book was Kabisch (Jahrbiicher f.

Corps' zone of attack included the Canal du Nord and the defences on either side of Bellenglise, while that of the composite corps was the canal tunnel on either side of Bellicourt.

His table gives the logarithms of all numbers up to 2200, and of primes (and also of a great many composite numbers) from 2200 to 10,009, to 48 decimal places.

This conception has been extended by analogy to phenomena different in kind, such as the activities of masses of water or of air, or of machinery, or by another analogy, to the duration of a composite structure, and by imagination to real or supposed phenomena such as the manifestations of incorporeal entities.

The Ascension of Isaiah is a composite work of very great interest.

This essay on India was his contribution to the composite work entitled The Reign of Queen Victoria (ed.

Like other collections the group of laws on leprosy easily betrays its composite character and exhibits unmistakable evidence of its gradual growth.