Sentence Examples with the word complimentary

These fair damsels play, however, yet another part, and one far from complimentary to the dignity of the gods.

Showed his respect for the ruler of England by the splendid reception given to the Protector's envoy, Lord Fauconberg, and by a complimentary mission despatched to England.

She crossed to the small desk and rustled around for the complimentary paper and pen.

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He took the degree of doctor of theology, and seems to have received the complimentary title of doctor mirabilis.

This is not complimentary to Rabelais, and, except in some very small degree, it is not likely to be true.

Although the latter were often called Asclepiads, this was in the first place to indicate their real or supposed descent from Asclepius, and in the second place as a complimentary title.

Lincoln was very popular among his fellow legislators, and in 1838 and in 1840 he received the complimentary vote of his minority colleagues for the speakership of the state House of Representatives.

EDMUND CAMPION (1540-1581), English Jesuit, was born in London, received his early education at Christ's Hospital, and, as the best of the London scholars, was chosen in their name to make the complimentary speech when Queen Mary visited the city on the 3rd of August 1553.

After his arrival in Basel, he received a complimentary answer, together with the nomination to the deanery of Deventer, the income of which was reckoned at 600 ducats.

But it does not follow that the new standpoint involves what Wallace seems to hint, though he conceals his meaning behind complimentary rhetoric - rejection of church Christianity.