Sentence Examples with the word complicate

Hundreds of small tributaries to the greater streams (especially along the Republican and the Logan) complicate and beautify the landscape.

Human emotion could only complicate that.

But that would simply complicate things for him.

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Other problems connected with his family interests served to complicate the situation and eventually to prevent the successful consummation of many of his plans.

The number of beings capable of killing one was less than five, and the last thing they needed was an Original Being showing up to complicate matters.

The last thing I need is to complicate things more.

Rivalry between Madame dEtampes, the imperious mistress of the aged Francis I., and Diane de Poitiers, whose ascendancy over the dauphin was complete, now brought court outbreak intrigues and constant changes in those who held of war, office, to complicate still further this wearisome policy of ephemeral combinazion.i with English, Germans, Italians and Turks, which urgent need of money always brought to naught.

To complicate matters, he had no idea what shape the underworld was in, if the reports Landon received were correct.

I realized that no matter how much two people love each other, they need time to adjust to each other before they complicate their lives with the responsibility of children.

Getting involved would only complicate things.