Sentence Examples with the word complex system

Later, the axis branches by the formation of new growing-points, and in this way the complex system of axes forming the body of the ordinary vascular plant is built up. In the flowering plants the embryo, after developing up to a certain point, stopf growing and rests, enclosed within the seed.

The external duct of this gland is often dilated into a bladder, and may sometimes send out diverticula, forming a complex system of sinuses ramifying through the body.

Within this zone the crust of the earth has been ridged up into a complex system of creases or folds, out of which the great mountain chains of southern Europe and Asia have been carved by atmospheric agencies.

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Its function could determine the meaning of the symbols, since the most ancient Immortal writing is based on a complex system of symbolic context.

Finally, in 1903, by a municipal code for the state (see Ohio) the federal plan was abandoned, and by a somewhat complex system power and responsibility were divided among the mayor, the council, the governor, an appointive board of public safety, and certain elective officers.

Specially characteristic of the class, however, is the presence of a complex system of air-tubes (tracheae) for respiration, usually opening to the exterior by a series of paired spiracles on certain of the body segments.

The complex system of dead and dying tissues cut off by these successive periderms, together with the latter themselves in fact, everything outside the innermost phellogen, constitutes what is often known botanically as the bark of the tree.