Sentence Examples with the word completing

Porte- While the Spaniards were circumnavigating the in world and completing their knowledge of the coasts of geese Af rica and Central and South America, the Portuguese were actively the East.

So far as Spain was concerned this was only a form, inasmuch as Mexico, of which Texas formed a part, was just completing its long struggle for independence (1810-21).

On the advent of the Left to power in 1876, Brin was appointed minister of marine by Depretis, a capacity in which he continued the programme of Saint-Bon, while enlarging and completing it in such way as to form the first organic scheme for the development of the Italian fleet.

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In 1850 she followed up her Queens of England with the Lives of the Queens of Scotland, completing the series in eight volumes in 1859.

He studied at the famous mining academy of Freiberg, in Saxony, and on completing his curriculum travelled in Germany and France.

In February 1374 he took the Dominican habit, and after spending some years in teaching, and in completing his theological studies, he was licensed to preach.

The story of the last scene in Elisha's life implies in Joash an easily contented disposition which hindered him from completing his successes.

In 1796 he began the study of law, completing his preparation in 1802 at New York, where he studied under William Peter Van Ness (1778-1826), an eminent lawyer and later Aaron Burr's second in the duel with Alexander Hamilton.

The life-cycle of the Leptolinae consists of an alternation of generations in which non-sexual individuals, polyps, produce by budding sexual individuals, medusae, which give rise by the sexual process to the non-sexual polyps again, so completing the cycle.

In 1860 he sent out the syllabus of his Synthetic Philosophy in ten volumes, and in spite of frequent ill health had the satisfaction of completing it in 1896 with the third volume of the Principles of Sociology.