Sentence Examples with the word complementary

By exploiting platform synergies, the organizations that successfully use several digital channels in a complementary fashion will unlock the full value of digital marketing.

Manganese dioxide not only acts as a source of oxygen, but develops a pink tint in the glass, which is complementary to and neutralizes the green colour due to ferrous oxide.

Subtraction by counting forward is called complementary addition.

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In 1253 he sent a further list of the first words (principia) of the complementary constitutions and decretals; but the result was practically nil and the popes gave up this system of successive additions.

Decomposition of a Determinant into complementary Deter- minants.

They show complementary products to the one you are considering.

Thus the numerical superiority of the Baptists and Methodists in the two Southern divisions is complementary to that of the Roman Catholics in the other three divisions of the country.

The two components of double stars often exhibit complementary colours.

Although the apparent crust-waves are neither equal in size nor symmetrical in form, this complementary relationship between them is always discernible.

The philosophy of nature and transcendental philosophy are the two complementary portions of philosophy as a whole.