Sentence Examples with the word competitor

The king of Castile finally bought off the claim of his English competitor by arranging a marriage between his son Henry and Catherine, daughter of John of Gaunt, in 1387.

The inferred principle may hold the field as explanation without obvious competitor potential or actual.

The victorious king had to be content with tribute and obedience, which would cease when he died, or was beaten by a competitor for the position of Bretwalda.

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In the 11th century a competitor arose in the see of Dublin.

Canada is likely to outstrip the United States in the trade of fish and blubber oils, and in tie near future Japan bids fair to become a very serious competitor in the supply of these oils.

In 1857 commenced the exportation of Japan silk, which became so fierce a competitor with Bengal silk as gradually to displace it in favour; and the native silk reeled in Bengal has almost ceased to be made, only the best European filatures, produced under the supervision of skilled Europeans, now coming forward.

It has been stated that the asafu d-daula was a competitor with Hajji Mirza Aghasi for the post of premier in the cabinet of Mahommed Shah, that he was afterwards, in the same reign, exiled for rising in.

While these figures hold good, India cannot be a serious competitor with Europe in the cotton industry.

In the immediate vicinity are also extensive beds of iron ore, and this combination of mineral wealth has enabled the town to become a competitor with Essen, Oberhausen, Duisburg and Hagen in the products of the iron industry.

Of general merchandise it might prove a serious competitor to the canals, of which a large mileage had been constructed in Great Britain during that period.