Sentence Examples with the word competitive

If they compete at some points and not at others, they produce a discrimination or preference with regard to rates and facilities, which builds up the competitive points at the expense of the non-competitive ones.

This section shows not complementary products but, essentially, competitive products.

Far from changing his mind about the inheritance or feeling competitive with a possible new heir, he was busy giving Felipa a boost into the position his father had coveted for his only son.

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Collections of fruit grown in British Columbia have received premier honours at the competitive exhibitions of the Royal Horticultural Society in London, where their high quality and fine colour have been greatly appreciated.

Pendleton) to classify the subordinate places in the service, and to make entrance to it, and promotion therein, depend upon competitive examination of applicants, instead of mere political influence.

In 1717 he was elected professor of mathematics in Marischal College, Aberdeen, as the result of a competitive examination.

With regard to the statement that the companies had installed competitive systems and had expended capital needlessly, it was found by the Post Office authorities that in 1865 less than 2000 m.

The mandarinate or official class is recruited from all ranks of the people by competitive examination.

The civil service commission, established in 1883, conducts competitive examinations for appointments to subordinafe positions under all of the administrative departments.

Rank is nominally determined by merit, as tested by competitive examinations.