Sentence Examples with the word compendium

Europe, Judah Hadassi composed his Eshkol ha-Kopher, a great theological compendium in the form of a commentary on the Decalogue.

Brewer (1859), containing the Opus Tertium, Opus Minus, Compendium Studii Philosophiae and the De Secretis Operibus Naturae; (9) De Morali Philosophia (Dublin, 1860, see below); (io) The Greek Grammar of R.

The first of these works is the Compendium medicinae, also called Laurea or Rosa anglicana, of Gilbert (Gilbertus Anglicus, about 1290), said to contain good observations on leprosy.

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Keane, in Stanford's Compendium of Geography and Travel (London, 1908); and W.

In Europe his compendium of Aristotle's Rhetoric was published at Venice, 1484.

Blum, New Guinea and der Bismarck Archipel (Berlin); Stanford's Compendium of Geography and Travel; Malaysia and Pacific Archipelagoes (new issue, edited by Dr F.

First appears to have come the treatise now called Compendium Studii Philosophiae (Brewer pp. 393-519), containing an account of the causes of error, and then entering at length upon grammar.

Ii., in Stamford's Compendium (London, 1894); Encyclopaedie van Nederlandsch-Indie (the Hague, 1895-1904); Guide a traders la section des Indes neerlandaises, Paris Exhibition (the Hague, 1900); A.

In this as in the previous studies a compendium is learned by heart, and explanations are given from commentaries and noted down by the students word for word.

The Compendium errorum selects four papal constitutions which involved a declaration against evangelical poverty, and insists that they are full of heresy.