Sentence Examples with the word compassionate

She sat on the edge of the bed, contemplating Cynthia with a compassionate expression.

How is a sociopathic deity better at ruling the underworld than a compassionate human? he returned with no heat.

On awaking he addressed kind words to the compassionate brother, and then prophesied that dire calamities would befall Florence during the reign of a pope named Clement.

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He was naturally compassionate towards objects in distress even to an effeminate measure; though God had made him a heart wherein was left little room for fear,.

The compassionate side of me hates to see good people turned bad.

Once she owed her escape from capture to the generosity of a Yorkist squire, who carried her off on his own horse; finally she and her son were brought to Bamburgh through the compassionate help of a robber, whom they had encountered in the forest.

Dean's suggestion of placing the little fellow out of doors in the trash was overruled by his more compassionate wife who pointed out the resulting reduced chances of January survival.

He did mention his interview with Cece Baldwin, describing Byrne's relationship with the young lady as that of a compassionate mentor.

Pierre replied, looking at Prince Andrew with frightened, compassionate eyes.

She was associated with Louisa Twining and Florence Nightingale; and in 1877-1878 raised the Turkish compassionate fund for the starving peasantry and fugitives in the Russo-Turkish War (for which she obtained the order of the Medjidieh, a solitary case of its conference on a woman).