Sentence Examples with the word compassion

It wasn't compassion for Tessa that had made him feel so vulnerable.

Gabe hated her yet couldn't escape the memory of the compassion and spirit that made him take a stranger to bed last night.

It need not, therefore, surprise us that the man who formulated the sum of virtue in justice and benevolence was unable to be just to his own kinsfolk and reserved his compassion largely for the brutes, and that the delineator of asceticism was more than moderately sensible of the comforts and enjoyments of life.

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For a moment compassion restrained the latter's arm; but that was a short-lived mood, and as quick as thought can follow thought his piece was levelled, and whang!--the fox, rolling over the rock, lay dead on the ground.

Martha was unable to get by her natural compassion of the moment and look at a long term goal.

Caring for the ancient warrior in the catacombs, Jame, all those years taught him compassion otherwise denied him among the dead in those underground passageways.

He ordered dinners and suppers and obviously tried to appear cheerful, but his cheerfulness was not infectious as it used to be: on the contrary it evoked the compassion of those who knew and liked him.

Only a person can do a job if it requires creativity or empathy, compassion or understanding or humor.

The compassion in his voice surprised her and she glanced up at his sober face, tears coursing down her own.

He was buried or mysteriously disappeared on one of the islands in the Adriatic called after him Diomedeae, his sorrowing companions being changed into birds by the gods out of compassion (Ovid, Metam.