Sentence Examples with the word compass

It is certain that if the directive forces on the north, east, south and west points of a compass are equal, there can be no deviation.

The supernatural coats and the quintessential loaf may be paralleled but cannot be surpassed; and the book is throughout a mine of suggestiveness, as, for example, in the anticipation of Carlyle's clothes philosophy within the compass of a few lines.

The apex in this case will describe a circle, or rather a spiral, as it is elongating all the time, pointing to all points of the compass in succession.

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Use your compass instead of the radar.

He tossed it on the table with a thud then set the compass on top.

On the compass card, and so surmounted it with the fleur-de-lys, traditionally chosen for that purpose on the compass by Flavio Gioja in honour of Charles of Anjou, king of Sicily and Naples.

Round the base is a flagged pathway surrounded by a stone railing and entered at the four points of the compass by gateways some 18 ft.

They are also fitted with different forms of suspension in which the compass is mounted to obviate the mechanical disturbance of the card caused by the vibration of the hull in ships driven by powerful engines.

He stepped back from the desk, as if fearing the compass would claim his soul right there.

The town occupies chiefly the acclivity of Compass Hill, and while of picturesque appearance is built in a very irregular manner, the streets being narrow and precipitous.