Sentence Examples with the word compartment

In each case the clinker which has just been burned and is fully hot serves to heat the air-supply to the compart ment where combustion is actu ally proceeding; in like manner the raw materials about to be burned are well heated by the waste gases from the compartment in full activity before they them selves are burned.

Each slot leads into a separate compartment and the coins are consequently sorted into three classes, light, correct weight and heavy.

The electrolysis takes place in the central compartment of a tripartite trough which can be made to rock slightly either to one side or the other.

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The gold and other metals are precipitated on the under surfaces of the turnings and fall to the bottom of the compartment as a black slime.

Donning his court uniform, M. de Beausset ordered a box he had brought for the Emperor to be carried before him and entered the first compartment of Napoleon's tent, where he began opening the box while conversing with Napoleon's aides-de-camp who surrounded him.

The herbaceous border should be a distinct compartment varying from 6 to to ft.

Owing to the comnaratively small amount of letters, it is found possible to have a travelling post office on all principal trains (while almost every train has a travelling sorter, for whom a compartment is reserved) without a late fee being exacted in either case.

The 17th century has treated literature as it treated politics and religion; each of the three was cooped up in a water-tight compartment by itself.

A convenient sty to hold five or six pigs has a southern aspect, and consists of a covered compartment and outer court, each to ft.

In diameter and halls on each side divided into two aisles, each compartment being covered with a dome, in this respect also not following the early normal type, in which domes were only found over tombs.