Sentence Examples with the word compare

This, however, is part of the historical romance of Compare the branch of myrtle at an Athenian feast (Aristoph., Nub., 1364).

The absence of an annulus from their indehiscent sporangia makes it impossible to compare them with the other Ferns in respect of this important character.

No standpoint is possible from which we could compare the world of knowledge with such an independent world of things, in order to judge of the conformity of the one to the other.

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For relation of Cynicism to contemporary thought, compare Cyrenaics, Megarian School.

The doctrines of Hippocrates, though lightly thought of by the Erasistrateans, still were no doubt very widely accepted, but the practice of the Hippocratic school had been greatly improved in almost every department - surgery and obstetrics being probably those in which the Alexandrian practitioners could compare most favourably with those of modern times.

Hagen thereupon proposed that they should ' Compare the heel of Achilles.

The colors now used are almost invariably of cheap German origin, and though they have a certain prettiness ephemeral, it is to be fearedthey again can not compare with the old native productions.

Like the Koran it is often concise to obscurity and cannot be translated literally; It is interesting to compare the development of Jewish law with that of the Mahommedan, Roman and English systems, the points of resemblance and difference being extremely suggestive for other studies.

Calvus held a correspondence on questions connected with rhetoric, perhaps (if the reading be correct) the commentarii alluded to by Tacitus (Dialogus, 23; compare also Cicero, Ad Fam.

She tried to regain her composure, unable to compare the brief experience with Jule to anything else she'd ever felt.