Sentence Examples with the word comparable to

After the second larval moult, he passes through a passive stage comparable to the pupa-stadium of an b insect, and during this stage, which occurs inside the root, the reproductive organs are perfected.

It must be pointed out that, however probable Haeckel's theory may be in other respects, there is not the slightest evidence for any such cleft in the umbrella having been present at any time, and that the embryological evidence, as already pointed out, is all against any homology between the stem and a manubrium, since the primary siphon does not become the stem, which arises from the ex-umbral side of the protocodon and is strictly comparable to a stolon.

Moreover, it is very probable that conjugation occurs soon after the arrival of the parasites in their specific invertebrate host; and this act may perhaps give rise to an aflagellar copula, which is gregariniform and comparable to an ookinete.

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All these writers attacked the problem of descent, and published preliminary phylogenies of such animals as the horse, rhinoceros and elephant, which time has proved to be of only general value and not at all comparable to the exact phylogenetic series which were being established by invertebrate palaeontologists.

On the flanks of the cushion, below the scar, are two superficial prints, perhaps comparable to lenticels.

What we do find is a slight transverse furrow on each side of the head, close to the tip, but the most careful examination of sections made through the tissues of the head and brain shows the absence of any further apparatus comparable to that described above.

Oliver and Audibert published some cases of cirrhosis of the liver with ascites in which they got results comparable to those of Widal.

BUtschli, on the other hand, interprets it as a finely vacuolated foam-structure or emulsion, comparable to that which is observed when small drops of a mixture of finely powdered potash and oil are placed in water, the vacuoles or alveoli being spaces filled with liquid, the more solid portion representing the mesh-work in which the microsomes are placed.

This district produces both red and white wines, but their character is not comparable to that of the Medoc or of the Cotes.

In addition to diffuse pigment (mostly in the epidermis), the skin contains granular pigment stored up r' in cells, the chromatophores, restricted to the cutis, which are highly mobile and send out r2 branches which, by contraction and expansion, may rapidly alter the coloration, most batrachians being in this respect quite comparable to the famous chameleons.