Sentence Examples with the word companionship

The sweet companionship of their children meant much to me.

At the Cambridge school, for the first time in my life, I enjoyed the companionship of seeing and hearing girls of my own age.

This enterprising and deserving man, on the completion of his journey in 1875, was rewarded by the Indian government with a pension and grant of land, and afterwards received the gold medal of the Royal Geographical Society and the Companionship of the Star of India.

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The original companionship had consisted of the sovereign and 25 knights, and no change was made in this respect until 1786, when the sons of George III.

Another continuation by Gerbert, interpolated between those of Wauchier and Manessier, relates how the Grail was brought to Britain by Perceval's mother in the companionship of Joseph.

To meet these defects it is found that numerous species encourage or demand the companionship of various zoophytes, simple or colonial.

The early explorers of the great Southern Sea cheered themselves with the companionship of the albatross in its dreary solitudes; and the evil hap of him who shot with his cross-bow the bird of good omen is familiar to readers of Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

But the companionship of his father was worth more to Joseph than any mere instruction.

Servan de Gerbey (1741-1808); but he preferred the civil service and the companionship of his friends and his books.

But after due allowance has been made for Helen's natural aptitude for acquiring language, and for the advantage resulting from her peculiar environment, I think that we shall still find that the constant companionship of good books has been of supreme importance in her education.