Sentence Examples with the word communist

He remained in his old home during the German siege of Paris, 1870-71, but the miseries of the Communist war which followed sickened his heart, and he died in Paris on the 13th of May 1871.

Enrolled in the Hungarian army during the World War, he was a prisoner of war in Russia, when he was instructed by Lenin for the purposes of Communist propaganda, and after the collapse of the Central Powers he was sent back to Hungary with a commission to set up a Soviet Republic. From March 21 to Aug.

The Communist system eschewed political liberties in favor of economic ones.

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His death, as well as that of his associate, Rosa Luxemburg, who perished on the same night at the hands of the soldiers or the mob, was constantly made a subject of reproach to the Government Socialists by the extreme Communist party.

I 1 1919 to assume the office of Minister of National Defence (Reichswehrminister) and to organize military forces for the suppression of the Communist insurrections in the capital.

On the fall of the Second Empire in September 1870 the government of national defence appointed him prefect of the department of the Rhone, in which capacity he had to suppress the Communist rising at Lyons.

The Social Revolutionary and the Communist parties were not legally recognized and were unrepresented.

The earliest and most powerful expression of modern Communism is to be found in the Communist Manifesto drawn up by K.

Of the German parties the strongest was again the Social Democratic party, originally numbering 31 deputies and 16 senators, but having subsequently lost three deputies who formed a German Communist party acting more or less in concert with the Czechoslovak Communists.

The mandates of the 58 Communist deputies were annulled, and eight arrested as privy to the attempt on the Regent.