Sentence Examples with the word communications

He scarcely ever saw any of his colleagues though they repeatedly and urgently pressed for interviews with him, and even an offer from the king to visit him in person was declined, though in the language of profound and almost abject respect which always marked his communications with the court.

The most important instances at present existing in England are the privilege of parliament (see Parliament), which protects certain communications from being regarded as libellous (see Libel And Slander), and certain privileges enjoyed by the clergy and others, by which they are to some extent exempt from public duties, such as serving on juries.

Santander was now evacuated by the French, and the allied line of communications was changed to that port.

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The door opened, and they entered the secret communications site, one of two in the territory he commanded.

In 1905 also Great Britain leased to Italy a piece of land near Kismayu to facilitate communications with the Benadir country.

In spite of the traditional enmity between the O'Neills and the O'Donnells, Tyrone allied himself with Hugh Roe O'Donnell, nephew of Shane's former enemy Calvagh O'Donnell, and the two chieftains opened communications with Philip II.

The men fell into silence, and she sensed the silent communications she couldn't hear.

This factor was the rupture of communications with foreign countries, due in the earlier stages of the war to the limitation, and at one time the prohibition, of exports by neutral countries, the passing over of some of these countries to the enemy, and lastly the blockade by the enemy Powers, which increased in efficiency and made it more and more difficult to import the most essential commodities, until in the end it was almost impossible to obtain from abroad anything, needed either for the soldiers or the civilians.

The written communications of his own doctrine referred to above belong to a period after Spinoza had removed from the neighbourhood of Amsterdam; but it has been conjectured that the Short Treatise on God, on Man, and his Wellbeing, which represents his thoughts in their earliest systematic form, was left by him as a parting legacy to this group of friends.

He could not pass to that bank with his whole force while Soult held Bayonne, without exposing his own communications through Irun.