Sentence Examples with the word commonplace

Just then his eye fell upon the lanterns and the can of kerosene oil which Zeb had brought from the car of his balloon, and he got a clever idea from those commonplace things.

It should be added that the belief in salvation in this world, in this life, has appealed so strongly to Indian sympathies that from the time of the rise of Buddhism down to the present day it has been adopted as a part of general Indian belief, and Jivanmukti, salvation during this life, has become a commonplace in the religious language of India.

It became a commonplace to say that he was put to death for an error of judgment.

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Nothing in his own church at Bemerton was too commonplace to serve as a starting-point for the epigrammatic expression of his piety.

His work is a kind of commonplace book kept without scientific discrimination.

Mahommed in fact represented a revolt against the anthropomorphism of commonplace Mahommedan orthodoxy, but he was a rigid predestinarian and a strict observer of the law.

When he does venture upon more abstract criticism his standards are often commonplace and superficial, and the world scheme to which he relates events is less profound-than the thought of his time altogether warranted.

Wilhelm Meister is a work of extraordinary variety, ranging from the commonplace realism of the troupe of strolling players to the poetic romanticism of Mignon and the harper; its flashes of intuitive criticism and its weighty apothegms add to its value as a Bildungsroman in the best sense of that word.

He was colour-blind to commonplace morality, and we are angry with him because he merged the hues of ethics in one grey monotone of politics.

It was as if the minds of these morally exhausted men found relief in everyday, commonplace occurrences.