Sentence Examples with the word commoner

Nor was he a commoner in college at Winchester or at New College, as his name does not appear in the Hall books, or lists of those dining in hall, at either college.

The galls and the gallproducing form are much commoner in America than in the Old World.

Dundee, on the other hand, turns out not only the commoner classes of fabrics, but a very large variety of other fabrics.

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By the acceptance of a peerage the great commoner lost at least as much and as suddenly in popularity as he gained in dignity.

Later the commoner antithesis is between Ionian and Dorian, first (probably) in the colonial regions of Asia Minor, and later more universally.

Cases of parthenogenetic reproduction, or reproduction without the intervention of the male, have been recorded in the case of two genera (Filistata and Tegenaria), and may be commoner than is usually supposed.

It occurs in shiny reddish lumps, resembling the commoner kinds of gum arabic. With water, in which it is only partially soluble, it forms a thick mucilage.

On the whole, human sacrifice is far commoner among the semi-civilized and barbarous races than in still lower stages of culture.

In addition to grapes the commoner fruits include quinces, apples, pears, cherries, limes, lemons and loquats (Port.

The case was different when the Jews were dispersed through the new Greek kingdoms, and lived in cities like Jerusalem and Alexandria, centres of wealth and luxury, inhabited by mixed populations; this form of debauchery then became commoner and better organized.