Sentence Examples with the word common

At angles other than the polarizing angle common light gives a reflected stream .that behaves as a mixture of common light with light polarized in the plane of incidence, and is accordingly said to be partially polarized in that plane.

Still further insight is afforded by our increasing knowledge of the enzymes, and it is to be remarked that both poisons and enzymes are very common in just such parasitic Fungi as induce discolorations, hypertrophies and the death of cellse.g.

The life St Basil established was strictly cenobitical, with common prayer seven times a day, common work, common meals.

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The one common outlet for these districts is the Magdalena river, whose navigable channel penetrates directly into the heart of the country.

In comparing these ruins in Yucatan, Chiapas, Guatemala and Honduras, it is evident that, though they are the work of two or more nations highly distinct in language, yet these nations had a common system of pictorial or written characters.

Calcification and calcareous deposits are extremely common in many pathological conditions.

The golden eagle, bald-headed eagle, osprey and a large variety of hawks are common in Canada, as are the snowy owl, the horned owl and others inhabiting northern climates.

Of these the most remarkable example is Cytisus Adami, a tree which year after year produces some shoots, foliage and flowers like those of the common laburnum, others like those of the very different looking dwarf shrub C. purpureus, and others again intermediate between these.

It is probable, however, that the worship of Odin was once common to most of the Teutonic peoples.

It is typified by the blue hare (Lepus timidus), next to which comes the common hare (L.