Sentence Examples with the word commodious

Enclose a commodious basin, forming one of the safest harbours in the colony.

It Is Therefore Infinitely More Commodious To Determine The Commencement Of The Year By A Fixed Rule Of Intercalation; And Of The Various Methods Which Might Be Employed, No One, Perhaps Is On The Whole More Easy Of Application, Or Better Adapted For The Purpose Of Computation, Than The Gregorian Now In Use.

He was indifferent to luxury, and sought to make life, not commodious nor soft, but high and dignified in a refined way.

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Each of these divisions of the city possesses a large and commodious harbour, that of the inner town, or city proper, being protected by strong fortifications.

It lies on the north-west of the peninsula of Leitimor, and has a safe and commodious anchorage.

There is a commodious harbour with breakwater and pier.

Side, is a safe and commodious harbour.

The 13th-century town hall was restored in 1899 and now contains the municipal antiquarian museum, having been superseded by a more commodious building.

The harbour is entered from the roads by way of a channel leading to the outer harbour which communicates with a floating basin 22 acres in extent, on the east, and with the older and less commodious portion of the harbour to the north and west of the old town.

The Eo, which bounds Galicia on the east, has a deep estuary, the Rivadeo or Ribadeo, which offers a safe and commodious anchorage.