Sentence Examples with the word commend

Railways.It is easy to understand that an enterprise like railway construction, requiring a great outlay of capital with returns long delayed, did not at first commend itself to the Japanese, who were almost entirely ignorant of co-operation as a factor of business organization.

His policy of living at peace with England and of arranging marriages between the members of the royal families of the two countries did not commend itself to the turbulent section of his nobles; his artistic tastes and lavish expenditure added to the discontent, and a rebellion broke out.

I cannot sufficiently commend that view.

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We are again driven to fill up the gaps in our knowledge by conjectures; but some such outline as the following has much to commend it.

Wesley and Whitefield were accustomed to commend them to their followers.

Experienced English irrigators generally commend as suitable for water-meadows those streams in which fish and waterweeds abound.

However, these dukes and counts were not merely officials: they too had become lords of fideles, of their own advocati, centenarii and scabini, whom they nominated, and of all the free men of the county, who since Charlemagnes time had been first allowed and then commanded to commend themselves to a lord, receiving feudal benefices in return.

This proposition received the strong support of Sir George Grey, then governor of Cape Colony, but his view did not commend itself to the British government, and was not adopted (see South Africa: History).

Of these explanations, that advanced by Preller has little to commend it, even if, with O.

The reference is to the earthenware token which two friends broke in order that they might commend a stranger for hospitality by sending with him the broken half.