Sentence Examples with the word commemoration

In the seventh month occur the Molid of the sayyida Zenab, and the commemoration of the Miarag, or the Prophets miraculous journey to heaven.

In 1888 a monument was erected in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the connexion of the town with Austria.

Opposite the Royal Terrace is an equestrian statue of George III., erected in 1809 in commemoration of his jubilee.

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Potgieter, one of the voortrekers, and was named by him in commemoration of a victory gained over the Matabele chief Mosilikatze.

He paid special attention to comets, and that of 1815 (period seventy-four years) bears his name in commemoration of its detection by him.

The origin of the custom of a yearly commemoration of the Crucifixion is somewhat obscure.

He was the court poet of Prince Adam Czartoryski at Pulawy, and furnished odes in commemoration of all the important events which occurred in the household.

The Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedachtnis-kirche (in the suburb Charlottenburg) with a loft) spire, the Dankes-kirche (in commemoration of the emperor William I.'s escape from the hand of the assassin, Nobiling, in 1878) in Wedding, and the Kaiser-Friedrich-Geda.chtnis-kirche on a grassy knoll in the north of the Tiergarten are also worthy of notice.

Apart from his redoubtable powers as a controversialist, Philoxenus deserves commemoration as a scholar, an elegant writer, and an exponent of practical Christianity.

Saturday before Whitsunday, Whitsunday and its octave; all festivals in commemoration of the sufferings of Christ, i.e.