Sentence Examples with the word commemorating

A stele, commemorating the victory and representing Tirhaka with the features of a negro, was set up at Sinjirli (north of the Gulf of Antioch) and is now in the Berlin Museum.

It possesses a bronze statue of Fritz Reuter (1893); a monument to Bismarck (1895); another commemorating the war of 1870-71 (1895); a small museum of antiquities; and an art collection.

The Zulu forces crossed the Tugela the same day, and the most advanced parties of the Boers were massacred, many at a spot near where the town of Weenen now stands, its name (meaning wailing or weeping) commemorating the event.

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In the Orthodox Eastern Church Palm Sunday (Kvpcadi or EopTi) TWV J3a wv iopril Oaioc Epos, or 11 i a1046pos) is not included in Holy Week, but is regarded as a joyous festival commemorating Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

An inscribed pillar commemorating the king was set up in 1801.

There is a Queen Eleanor cross commemorating the countess of Loudoun, by Sir Gilbert Scott.

To this day the most holy spots of Hindu pilgrimage are thickly dotted with little white pillars, each commemorating a suttee.

The town is adorned with a marble monument commemorating the war of 1870-71, a handsome fountain, and a statue of the Old Catholic bishop Reinkens.

Amenophis caused a series of large scarabs unique in their kind to be engraved with the name and parentage of his queen Taia, followed by varying texts commemorating like medals the boundaries of his kingdom, his secondary marriage with Gilukhipa, daughter of the king of Mitanni.

In front of the university, which had 775 students and about Ioo teachers in 1904, stands a monument commemorating its four hundredth anniversary.