Sentence Examples with the word comity

One of the most interesting features of missionary work in China is the comity that prevails among the workers of different societies and agencies.

The difference of the relations of these two states towards the comity of nations had corresponding internal distinctions.

The walls of the ghettos had been cast down, but the Jews could find no entry into the comity of nations.

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Whether in real courtesy of heart they excel Occidentals may be open to doubt, but in all the forms of comity they are unrivalled.

In 1905 a General Baptist Convention for America was formed for the promotion of fellowship, comity and denominational esprit de corps, but this organization is not to interfere with the sectionalorganizationsorto undertake any kind of administrativework.

The number debarred from 1896 to 1905 is shown in the following table: No law of international comity is violated by the refusal to receive these unfortunates.