Sentence Examples with the word coming back

He was coming back for me before you all blew up the stash house.

Hannah no longer wore her engagement ring, and Katie wondered why she was so happy when she must know by now Gio wasn.t coming back for her.

They're not coming back Ben, I know it.

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The old Ethel Rosewater was coming back and the second gin helped.

Well; after he sounded, we didn't see him again for some time; in fact, as I before hinted, I didn't then know what whale it was that had served me such a trick, till some time afterwards, when coming back to the Line, we heard about Moby Dick--as some call him--and then I knew it was he.

Just said he was coming back for me after he went away for a couple days, Bianca said with a shrug.

According to Betsy, on the note Martha left, she said Quinn was coming back east to meet up with his wife and daughter and leave from here.

It was Brandon who kept coming back to Ouray year after year when you'd think the loathsome thing that happened here would cause him to despise the place.

Before supper, Prince Andrew, coming back to his father's study, found him disputing hotly with his visitor.

Simon on coming back thought it better to dissemble, and, pretending friendship for Dositheus, accepted the second place.