Sentence Examples with the word comfortable

You would be more comfortable somewhere in a house... in ours, for instance... the family are leaving.

Lana pulled the blankets up as well, feeling exposed rather than comfortable at his sudden change.

The southern spring, the comfortable rapid traveling in a Vienna carriage, and the solitude of the road, all had a gladdening effect on Pierre.

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Even Bumpus, our pet dog, was comfortable in our new office where he'd accompany us each day.

The ride back was quiet, but the silence was a comfortable one, only becoming awkward when they reached the door of his house.

The life of the ruling class was comfortable and even luxurious from early times.

Finally she felt comfortable about her wages.

There was a question of jurisdictions and when Weller volunteered that Martha was safe and comfortable at Bird Song where she'd spent the last six months, no one seemed to protest.

The rocker was comfortable and a soft breeze caressed her into a blissful silence.

Maybe he felt more comfortable thinking of it that way.