Sentence Examples with the word comenius

His maternal grandfather, Johann Amos Comenius (d.

The Masaryk and Comenius Universities are new foundations since 1918.

As a theologian, Comenius was greatly influenced by Boehme.

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Devoting himself to the elaboration of his scheme, Comenius settled first at Elbing, and then at Lissa; but, at the burning of the latter city by the Poles, he lost nearly all his manuscripts, and he finally removed to Amsterdam, where he died in 1671.

The greatest writer of the brotherhood is John Amos Komensky or Comenius (1592-1670).

The names of Hus, Chelcicky and Comenius (Komensky) are connected with the pre-Renaissance religious periods.

He visited England in 1641, but the disturbed state of politics prevented the appointment of the commission, and Comenius passed over to Sweden in August 1642.

But their bishop, John Amos Comenius (1592-1672), held them together.

In 1638 Comenius was requested by the government of Sweden to draw up a scheme for the management of the schools of that country; and a few years after he was invited to join the commission that the English parliament then intended to appoint, in order to reform the system of education.

Yet we must notice besides Comenius two other writers, both historians, whose works belong to a date later than 1620.