Sentence Examples with the word comedic

At Clermont Conti had been a fellow student of Moliere's for whom he secured an introduction to the court of Louis XIV., but afterwards, when writing a treatise against the stage entitled Traite de la comedic et des spectacles scion les traditions de l'Eglise (Paris, 1667), he charged the dramatist with keeping a school of atheism.

By means of negotiations instigated and prosecuted with great perseverance by the university of Paris and the Inquisition, and through the persistent scheming of Pierre Cauchon, the bishop of Beauvais - a Burgundian partisan, who, chased from his own see, hoped to obtain the archbishopric of Rouen - she was sold in November by John of Luxemburg and Burgundy to the English, who on the 3 rd of January 1431, at the instance of the The Porte St Honore where Joan was wounded stood where the Comedic Francaise now stands.

In French he published Des conditions de la bonne comedic (1863), La Prusse contemporaine (1867), Etudes italiennes (1868), and a translation of O.

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And the Comedic francaise having all borne part therein.