Sentence Examples with the word come together

On the whole it seems most likely that, while the kernel of the Roman plebs was rural or belonged to the small towns admitted to the Roman franchise, the Attic demos, largely at least, though doubtless not wholly, arose out of the mixed settlers who had come together in the city, answering to the p rotKot of later times.

Just as the latter afterwards makes Nathan the Wise and Saladin meet over the chess-board, so did Lessing and Mendelssohn actually come together as lovers of the game.

Well, here we are, not quite halfway through our list of ways the Internet, technology, and civilization will come together to end war.

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The austere dignity of Antiphon, the plain elegance of Lysias, the smooth and balanced finish of that middle or normal character which is represented by Isocrates, have come together in Demosthenes.

Next minute there was a roar and a sharp crash, and at her side Dorothy saw the ground open in a wide crack and then come together again.

A, b, c, d, m, n, r, 5, their long axis (they are eccentrics) enables them to open or separate during the up, and close or come together during the down strokes.

If now the vertical movement of the walking-beam be 24 in., when 'it starts on the up-stroke the sinker-bar rises 4 in., and the cross-heads come together with a smart blow, then the auger-stem is picked up and lifted 20 in.

It voted some supplies on the understanding that, when the Th king had matured his plans for carrying on the war, French it should come together in the autumn to vote the alliance.

No longer did the nation come together to direct and govern, but the emperor summoned his people to assent to his acts.

When the jars come together they slack back about 4 in., and the cable is in position to be clamped in the temper-screw.