Sentence Examples with the word come to light

Certain scandals had come to light in a small convent school at Greco near Milan.

Inscriptions mentioning the ForoClodienses have come to light on the spot; and an inscription of the Augustan period, which probably stood over the door of a villa, calls the place Pausilypon - a name justified by the beauty of the site.

There halve also come to light remains of a great domed mortuary chamber of primitive construction containing relics of the Early Minoan period (Halbherr, Monumenti Antichi, xiii.

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A conception of the size of the whole necropolis may be gathered from the fact that nearly three thousand Etruscan inscriptions have come to light from Clusium and its district alone, while the part of Etruria north of it as far as the Arno has produced barely five hundred.

A sculptured portico has come to light in the smallest of the five mounds, and much pottery, with incised and painted decoration, has been recovered.

And there has lately come to light a MS. of the 9th or 10th century in Sogdianese, an Indo-Iranian language spoken in the north-east of Asia,which shows that theNestorians had translated the New Testament into that tongue and had taught the natives the alphabet and the doctrine.

A portion of the outer wall has been recognized in a piece of primitive masonry discovered near the Odeum of Herodes Atticus; other traces will probably come to light when the northern and eastern slopes of the Acropolis have been completely explored.

Since that time the most valuabledocument which has come to light is the great fiscal inscription discovered in 1882 by Prince Abamelek Lazarew.