Sentence Examples with the word come out

I saw it in the paper yesterday and thought since I had Saturday off, I'd come out and look at it for you.

Having come out onto the road he reined in his horse, hesitating whether to ride along it or cross it and ride over the black field up the hillside.

They're too cheap to let the lawyers do all the work so they had to come out here.

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It shows how the child-mind gathers into itself words it has heard, and how they lurk there ready to come out when the key that releases the spring is touched.

A considerable percentage of these arrivals and departures represents seasonal labourers, who come out from Europe solely for the Argentine wheat harvest and should not be classed as immigrants.

Hopefully, what happened will come out and Donnie will be able to have some sort of normal life, away from both of the Shiptons.

The next one that whispers must come out and stand in the middle of the floor.

If two should come out of the sky you might with justice say I was wrong; but unless more than this one appears I will hold that I was right.

It must be nice to be able to come out here and see them anytime you want.

Three years after the expulsion of the Mormons Nauvoo was occupied by the remnant (some 250) of a colony of French communists, the Icarians, who had come out under the leadership of Etienne Cabet.