Sentence Examples with the word come into

They were heavily outnumbered, but they held strong positions which should have enabled them to delay the enemy advance until the reserves could come into play.

He had not those rights of sovereign which the Norman kings of England inherited from their AngloSaxon predecessors, or the Capetian kings of France from the Carolings; nor was he able therefore to come into direct touch with each of his subjects, which William I., in virtue of his sovereign rights, was able to attain by the Salisbury oath of 1086.

Let the line CJ represent the common direction of the two planets from the sun when they are in conjunction, and let us follow the motions until they again come into conjunction.

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They give the minimum of interference with quay space and have rapidly come into favour.

He saw the woman come into focus, and the man with mossy eyes released him.

They were still firing, not at the cavalry which had disappeared, but at French infantry who had come into the hollow and were firing at our men.

It has not yet been found possible so closely to correlate the strata of Europe with those of America, where distance has allowed geographical differences in both fauna and flora to come into play; therefore, beyond the references to Lower or Upper Cretaceous, no classification of the American Cretaceous strata has here been given.

Methods depending upon oxidation in the presence of a contact substance have come into favour during recent years.

The fibre has come into use as a suitable material for binder-twine as used in self-binding reaping machines.

The regulations have been altered and amended from time to time, and they have been accepted expressly or impliedly by all the treaty powers which have since come into the field.