Sentence Examples with the word come in

Where the tenets and authorities of a nonconformist body come in question, they must be proved by evidence.

He's at home with Jonathan and he can't come in because Destiny might catch what he has.

In Galatians he claims perfect freedom in principle, for himself as for the Gentiles, from the obligatory observance of the law; and neither in it nor in Corinthians does he take any notice of a decision to which the apostles had come in their meeting at Jerusalem.

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In such an arrangement, after the first instant, the melted metal in the furnace does not come in contact with the cathode material.

On one of his foraging expeditions, in a deserted and ruined village to which he had come in search of provisions, Rostov found a family consisting of an old Pole and his daughter with an infant in arms.

The object of these movements will be appreciated when it is remembered that, if the pollen-masses retained the original direction they had in the anther in which they were formed, they would, when transported by the insect to another flower, merely come in contact with the anther of that flower, where of course they would be of no use; but, owing to the divergences and flexions above alluded to, the pollen-masses come to be so placed that, when transplanted to another flower of the same species, they come in contact with the stigma and so effect the fertilization of that flower.

Mansur wrote in his testament to his son that he had brought together so much money that, even if no revenue should come in for ten years, it would suffice for all the wants of the state.

Whatever may be the ultimate order of reputation among his various books, or whatever posterity may ultimately see fit to ordain as regards the popularity of any of them, it is difficult to believe that the time will ever come in which Stevenson will not be remembered as the most beloved of the writers of that age which he did so much to cheer and stimulate by his example.

Sometimes I come in for lunch and sometimes I'd expect you to pack me a lunch.

In his diary, on the i3th of December, when his difficulties had become extreme, he noted that if the expeditionary force does not come in ten days, the town may fall.