Sentence Examples with the word come close

He was allowed to come close to the Turkish flagship, and succeeded in attaching his fireships to her, setting them on fire, and escaping with his party.

It seemed as if I chattered incessantly with other people and suddenly remembered that this could not please him, and I wished to come close to him and embrace him.

At Lobito steamers can come close inshore and discharge cargo direct.

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The past few months, I've come close to breaking it hundreds of times to keep the underworld from shutting down.

Now in order to hold direct communication with the people on deck, he had to pull round the bows to the starboard side, and thus come close to the blasted whale; and so talk over it.

In such a small town, there couldn't be many positions, and the pay wouldn't come close to what she was making in Tulsa.

Each time I've come close to being apprehended, I cunningly slipped away.

Kris had come close to breaking the Immortal rules or his own oaths to his father.

I can honestly say she has never even come close to being in love.

In the matter of seven days, Gabriel had come close to breaking more Immortal Codes governing Death's actions in the mortal world than his predecessor did over hundreds of thousands of millennia.