Sentence Examples with the word come by

This represents the Argive Dorians as having come by sea (apparently from the Maliac Gulf, the nearest seashore to Parnassian Doris), accompanied by survivors of the Dryopes (former inhabitants of that Doris), whose traces in south Euboea (Styra and Carystus), in Cythnus, and at Eion (Halieis), Hermione and Asine in Argolis, were held to indicate their probable route.

The first word on the case Sackler and DeLeo were arguing about had come by way of a call from the Norfolk, Virginia Police Department the prior afternoon, Dean's day off.

They had come by easy stages, their knapsacks conveyed on carts, and the Austrian authorities had provided excellent dinners for the officers at every halting place.

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The evangelist looks back across a period of half a century, and writes of Christ not merely as he saw Him in those far-off days, but as he has come by long experience to think and speak of Him.

Here lies a great merit of Hermas's book, his insight into experimental religion and the secret of failure in Christians about him, to many of whom Christianity had come by birth rather than personal conviction.

Your temporary babysitter was supposed to come by at noon today so I could run through things with her.

By the command didst cause this liquid to come by the labour of bees to the perfection of wax,.

I figured you might come by and I wanted you to see it.

Dron came and confirmed Dunyasha's words; the peasants had come by the princess' order.

However, he was even less inclined to leave Cynthia, perhaps alone, if Shipton were to come by for the stored belongings.