Sentence Examples with the word come back

I forgot my rope in the barn and had to come back yesterday.

Besides, he did come back Cassie could feel Bordeaux's intent gaze.

And if this Miami thing gets as bad as we both think it will, he might have to come back soon anyway.

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Whilst others were triumphing openly, Mazarin, in the shadow and silence of the interregnum, had kept watch upon the heart of the queen; and when the old party of Marie de Medici and Anne of Austria wished to come back into power, to impose a general peace, and to substitute for the Protestant alliances an understanding with Spain, the arrest of Francois de Vendme, duke of Beaufort, and the exile of other important nobles proved to the great families that their hour had gone by (September 1643).

I know by now, if he wins he comes back early to brag about it, but if he stays out till morning it means he's lost and will come back in a rage.

I looked forward to weekends when he'd come back down to Boston and we'd get together.

He'd extended an olive branch and come back empty-handed.

Dessalles wrote this letter to the Governor for Princess Mary, she signed it, and it was given to Alpatych with instructions to hand it to the Governor and to come back as quickly as possible if there was danger.

Or tell him to go to hell and never come back to Miami.

However, if they didn't hurry, Sofi would come back with a child before twenty-four hours passed in the mortal world..